11th February 2021

过年 SOP 好烦人!医生护士教你今年新年怎么过

Feb 11, 2021 “这次新的一年,让我们善用科技,也好好的让我们在远距离去想念我们的家人。”   今年的农历新年和以往将会非常不同。与其抱怨政策,不如一起来听听医生护士的意见。家里有老人家的你,今年新年应该怎么过? https://youtu.be/oQ61xebqoxY [[ 完整直播 ]] https://fb.watch/3Q9fbMY_MR/ [[ 关注 Jasper Lodge 脸书专页 ]] 不要错过每周日 3PM 的 Jasper Live Q&A 有问题直接问乐龄护理专家!
6th February 2021

COVID-19 on Patients with Heart Disease

Feb 6, 2021 COVID-19 and heart disease do not go well together. Here’s why.     Do you know the impact COVID-19 can bring on patients with […]
27th January 2021

安老院 vs. 疗养院 – 大不同?!

Jan 27, 2021 差别在哪里,你知道吗? 在马来西亚,我们一直以来都不会区分疗养院和安老院。可是随着时代的进步,疗养院和安老院的差异也逐渐形成。你会分别吗?什么选择最适合你?看看关瑷疗养院的林医生怎么说。 https://youtu.be/vAiypSuAOh8 [[ 完整直播 ]]  https://fb.watch/3gG8oH4Ikp/ [[ 关注 Jasper Lodge 脸书专页 ]] 不要错过每周日 3PM 的 Jasper Live Q&A 有问题直接问医生!
5th January 2021

#NewYearNewJasper: 1 Week Free Assessment Stay at Kuching & Seri Kembangan

Jan 5, 2021 Whole new look of Jasper Lodge at Kuching and Seri Kembangan!      Happy New Year 2021! This year, Jasper Lodge is coming to […]
26th November 2020

Our Gift to You: 7-days free stay for all new admissions

Nov 26, 2020 The gift of care – the best gift of all.        We all know Christmas is the season of giving. It is […]
3rd November 2020

Diabetes Awareness Month: 20% off at all Jasper Lodge Nursing Homes

Nov 3, 2020 With proper care and management, diabetes can be addressed to support overall health and quality of life.        As the general population continues […]
3rd November 2020

Thank you, Healthcare Heroes: Here’s RM1,000 just for you!

Nov 3, 2020 To give back to healthcare heroes all over Malaysia, Jasper Lodge is offering up to RM1,000 referral reward for healthcare workers who refer […]
3rd November 2020

Jasper Lodge listed as one of the 6 best nursing homes in Johor Bahru

Nov 3, 2020 Choosing the right care facility can be difficult. However, it’s important to ensure that your loved one is looked after in one of […]
3rd November 2020

International Day Of Older Persons: Get 50% Off At Jasper Lodge Nursing Homes

Nov 3, 2020  The 1st of October every year is the International Day Of Older Persons. In conjunction of this special day and to give back […]