Keeping your elderly loved ones active during the MCO

Elderly care centres and nursing homes are keeping senior residents active with fun and engaging daily activities during the MCO. 


The recent Movement Control Order (MCO) announced by the Malaysian government has kept all of us locked at home. Many of us are doing fine as we are capable of looking for activities to keep us occupied, or continue to work from home.


However, our elderly loved ones may not be as occupied as we are, and are often left alone waiting for days to pass. Nonetheless, seniors who are residing in well-managed nursing homes have nothing to worry about!


To keep the elderly engaged and active, nursing homes organize interesting and fun activities on a daily basis. At Jasper Lodge Care Centres for instance, a professional physiotherapist / activity coordinator is appointed to plan and conduct said activities as part of the residents’ entertainment.

   Photo: D.I.Y. handcraft activities at Jasper Lodge Kuantan

There are several benefits of keeping the elderly active despite the lockdown. For one, these activities keep them looking forward to new events every day, giving them a sense of hope and value.


Engaging in such activities would also give the elderly an opportunity to interact with one another and keep them socially active. This is great to avoid loneliness, which can be a health risk to seniors as well.

   Photo: Residents watching television programs together at Jasper Lodge Johor Bahru 

Completing challenging tasks during these activities also gives the elderly a sense of achievement and accomplishment. Instead of waiting for time to pass, they are making themselves useful, learning something new, or simply just having fun.

   Photo: Handmade snacks at Jasper Lodge PJ

If you are living with an elderly loved one, please don’t forget to entertain them from time to time. And if you are no longer able to care for the wellbeing of your elderly loved one, don’t hesitate to send them to an elderly care centre, where fun and joy awaits.

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