The 3 essential services in elderly care available at Jasper Lodge Care Centres Malaysia

“Supreme Nurturer”, a gemstone that provides comfort and security, strength and healing is the epitome that represents the word “Jasper”.


Aspired by this beautiful meaning that aligns with the vision of the founders, Jasper Lodge Care Centres Malaysia came to life, bringing specialized nursing care for the elderly community.


Today, our care centres has stood with pride as we are entering our 10th year of service since we started with our very first care centre in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

  Photo: First Jasper Lodge Care Centre at 37, Jalan SS 2/3, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya 

As of 2020, there are a total of 10 branches nationwide including Petaling Jaya, Penang, Johor Bahru, Kuantan, and Kuching. Services elderly care inclusive of skilled nursing and assisted living.


In order to provide the highest quality service to our residents, Jasper Lodge carries 3 Golden Rules as outlined by our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Lim Geng Yan. The 3 basic rules – which includes no abuse in any form, no medication error, and complete honesty – have set a clear goal for everyone in the organization to provide the best service to the elderly residents.


Jasper Lodge offers 3 of the most fundamental services to ensure our elderly residents are well taken care of, both physically and mentally. Regardless of illnesses such as stroke, Parkinson’s, or mental disorder like dementia which would require different treatment plans; our care centres are fully prepared with in-house doctor’s consultation, round-the-clock care by certified nurses, and therapies by specialized therapists on board.


Our in-house doctors specialize in various medical fields such as cardiology, psychiatry, and palliative care. They are always ready to serve when needed. With 1 to 2 visits a week to each of our care centers, the health condition of every resident can be well-managed. Doctors would review the residents’ care plan, medication chart, bowel movement, wound condition and other health conditions on a daily basis.

   Photo: Dr. Lim Geng Yan, Chief Medical Officer of Jasper Lodge Care Centres Malaysia

Our doctors work hand-in-hand with nurses to ensure that the residents are receiving the care they deserve. Our certified nurses assist and execute nursing procedures such as taking vital signs, dressing wounds, and feeding the residents. Our nurses are carefully selected with optimal nursing skills certified by the Nursing Board of Malaysia as one of the prerequisites for them to be in service at Jasper Lodge.


Jasper Lodge nurses are also well-trained on caring for dementia patients which have different temperament, behavior, and actions due to their deteriorating mental condition. With their high level of perseverance and patience, our nurses are sure to provide tender loving care when handling the patients.


Last but not least, our specialized therapists also play a crucial role to keep the elderly active physically as well as mentally. Therapies for the elderly include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech / swallowing therapy. These therapies are done both as a group and 1-on-1 in order to increase the efficiency of recovery.


All our therapists are certified and well-trained on their particular skill set before they are allowed to handle patients. Just like our nurses, we take pride in our therapists who display passion and patience to keep Jasper Lodge residents healthy and active.

   Photo: Doctors, nurses, and therapists at Jasper Lodge Care Centres

Through our years of experience, we have learned that it is essential for doctors, nurses, and therapists to work together to achieve the best result in elderly care. The best part is – these basic services are available at Jasper Lodge Care Centres at an affordable price!


For more information, feel free to browse our website or contact 03-5626 0033 to talk to one of our Care Advisors.


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