Part 2: Elderly life in a nursing home (Jasper Lodge Care Centres Malaysia)

Nov 3, 2020   

In situations where deteriorating health can be dangerous for our aging elderly, a place with 24-hours care from the professionals can always be an option.


Nursing homes can be an alternative to give our elderly the best care they deserve in their golden age although it is a fact that nothing beats staying in the comfort of our own home, spending our retirement close to our family members. However, in situations where deteriorating health can be dangerous for our aging elderly, a place with 24-hours care from the professionals can always be an option.


As a family member, it is definitely not easy to entrust our loved ones in someone else’s care in a new setting and environment. But with the recent advancement in nursing and caring services, Jasper Lodge Care Centres (Malaysia) with 10 branches nationwide, are taking off to aim on providing specialized care, comfort and safety for their elderly residents, making these goals the utmost priority in every center.


A conducive nursing home can be observed from the way they are executing the routines by creating an active social environment for their elderly residents. Starting from the comfortable layout of the residences and introducing open ward or room sharing concept, Jasper Lodge Care Centres promotes social communication between the elderly; encouraging them to become friends with their peers. Group activities such as group physiotherapy in the morning, game sessions and mini gardening breaks will encourage the elderly to communicate more with each other, creating a friendly and happy environment for them. This is a much needed environment in a nursing centre to maintain their residents physical and mental health, minimizing the risk of physical deterioration and also depression.


Their lives also will be managed with better care especially the residents who need assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, eating and other tasks. Equipped with professional in-house nurses, Jasper Lodge is able to provide assistance in their daily tasks and the best part of it is that they are offering skilled nursing services to the residents including emergency services, administration of medication and early medical support for the residents in need. The centres are also hosting trained staff to attend to elderly with major health conditions such as bedridden elderly, cancer patients, and end of life patients.


In Jasper Lodge Care Centres, excellent cooks or qualified catering services are hired to provide nutritious meals and snacks for the residents throughout the day. Jasper Lodge particularly concerns the residents’ dietary requirements and their tastes for the food provided, thus meal plans are prepared by qualified dietitian and doctors to ensure that they are getting the nutrients they need from a healthy diet. Good diet will nourish the residents from the inside. Admission into a nursing facility is not by all means to separate the elderly from their family members but to ensure that they are being cared for in the right hand and all the right way. It is common for a family member to care for the elderly by themselves but it is hard to juggle between their own family and the responsibilities to care for the elderly. Opting into sending the elderly to a nursing home is a good way to get them attended with tenderness and round the clock service they need.


Jasper Lodge Care Centres (Malaysia) welcomes you to visit their facilities for closer view of their hospitality. Check out the location of the centres here, and for more information, the public may reach them at 03-5626 0033 to talk to their friendly Care Advisors!

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